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To create Innovative, Ethical and Sociable Electronics and Communication Engineers


  • M1: Implement Academic Process through University Syllabus and Identified Curriculum Gaps
  • M2: Provide platforms for Teambuilding, Leadership Skills in students community through Motivation and Communication
  • M3: Ethical and Leadership Skills through Interactions with the outside world

Program Educational Objectives of the Department

  • PEO 1: Engage in designing, manufacturing, testing, operating and/or maintaining systems in the field of electronics and communication engineering and allied engineering industries
  • PEO 2: Solve problems of social relevance by applying the knowledge of electronics and communication engineering, and/or pursuing higher education and research
  • PEO 3: Work effectively as individuals and as team members, engage in lifelong learning and adapt to changing professional and societal needs

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B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D, MISTE


History and Features of the Department

Electronics and Communication Engineering department with a vision of “To Create Innovative, Ethical and Sociable Electronics and Communication Engineers”, was established in the year 1986 with an intake of 40. Over the years the department has increased its strength in student intake, faculty, result and placement. At present the department has a student intake of 90 for the bachelor degree and 18 for the M. Tech in Digital Electronics and Communication. The Department has a VTU recognized Research Center where 10 scholars are pursuing their Ph D degree. Twenty two well qualified and dedicated faculty members - 2 Doctorates and 20 M. Tech degree holders- are serving in the department. The department has achieved three university ranks in UG and five ranks in PG since its inception.

In order to foster the technical and leadership qualities in the students the department has a student association ENCEA. Under its banner students engage themselves in technical talks by eminent personalities, guest lectures, cultural activities, and technical activities. National Conference “E- Congregation” is organized every year for the students. The departmental news letter ‘Abhivyakthi' is brought out in every semester.

The Department has well equipped laboratories, being upgraded with time and has a separate computer center with 64 Pentium - IV systems. VHDL, Microcontroller, Advanced Microprocessor and DSP Laboratories are equipped with simulators and hardware utilities. A separate mini-project laboratory has been established from the current academic year. Staff members are provided with separate faculty chambers and cabins. Wi-fi hotspots have been provided in class rooms, laboratories and faculty cabins.

The Department has a separate library with 1300 books, which includes VTU prescribed text books, reference books and books on latest technology.

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EC Laboratory

The department has well equipped laboratories like

  • VHDL Laboratory
  • Microcontroller Laboratory
  • Advanced Microprocessor Laboratory
  • DSP Laboratory
  • Analog and Digital Communication Laboratory
  • VLSI Laboratory
  • Logic Design, Analog Electronics and Power Electronics Laboratory


1 Dr. M S Ravikumar Professor & HOD B.E, M.Tech., Ph.D 06-09-2002
2 Prof. Suresha V Professor B.E, M.Tech,(Ph.D). 11-10-2000
3 Dr. Keshaveni Professor B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D. 27-05-2013
4 Mrs. Bhagya H K Associate Professor M.Tech. (Ph.D) 07-09-1998
5 Mrs. Savitha M Associate Professor B.E, M.Tech,(Ph.D). 10-05-1999
6 Mr. Kusumadhara S Associate Professor B.E, M.Tech. (Ph.D) 17-04-2000
7 Mr. Vijaya Kumar Kanichar Associate Professor B.E, M.Tech. 23-08-2004
8 Mr. Anil B V Associate Professor BE, M.Tech. (Ph.D) 04-07-2005
9 Mrs. Bindu M N Associate Professor B.E, M.Tech. 27-08-2007
10 Mrs. Bhagyavathi V K Associate Professor B.E, M.Tech. 10-04-2008
11 Ms. Rashmi K P Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech. 06-08-2008
12 Mrs. Indumukhi K Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech. 06-08-2008
13 Mr. Jagadeesh M Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech. 12-02-2009
14 Mr. Rama Murali Krishna P G Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech. 02-08-2010
15 Mr. Pratheek H Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech. 01-02-2011
16 Mr. Maruthi G.B Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech. 16-07-2012
17 Mr. Lokesh P C Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech. 15-07-2013
18 Mr. Sathyajith M Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech. 15-07-2013
19 Mrs. Aruna P G Assistant Professor B.Tech., M.Tech. 22-07-2013
20 Mr. Adarsha D Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech. 06-08-2014
21 Mrs. Thripti P Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech. 01-08-2016
22 Mrs. Ashwini P Assistant Professor B.E, M.Tech. 25-01-2018

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