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B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D, MISTE


History and Features of the Department

  • Started in the year 1986
  • Offers under graduate course in Electronics and Communication Engineering with an intake of 90
  • M.Tech in Digital Electronics and Communication with an intake of 18
  • M.Tech in VLSI Design and Embedded Systems with an intake of 18
  • VTU recognized Research Center
  • Qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members four Doctorate holders and four are pursuing
  • Regular university ranks
  • Departmental student association ENCEA
  • National Conference “E-Congregation” is organized every year for the students
  • Departmental news letter ‘Abhivyakthi’
  • Separate library with 1100 books
  • Every year, at least one student batch will take up agricultural based project

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EC Laboratory

The department has well equipped laboratories like

  • VHDL Laboratory
  • Microcontroller Laboratory
  • Advanced Microprocessor Laboratory
  • DSP Laboratory
  • Analog and Digital Communication Laboratory
  • VLSI Laboratory
  • Logic Design, Analog Electronics and Power Electronics Laboratory


1 Dr. M S Ravikumar Professor & HOD BE, M.Tech., Ph.D
2 Prof. Suresha V Professor BE, M.Tech,(Ph.D).
3 Dr. Keshaveni Professor BE, M.Tech, Ph.D.
4 Mrs. Savitha M Associate Professor BE, M.Tech,(Ph.D).
5 Mrs. Bhagya H K Associate Professor M.Tech. (Ph.D)
6 Mrs. Bhagyavathi V K Associate Professor BE, M.Tech.
7 Mrs. Bindu M N Associate Professor BE, M.Tech.
8 Mr. Kusumadhara S Associate Professor BE, M.Tech. (Ph.D)
9 Mr. Anil B V Associate Professor BE, M.Tech. (Ph.D)
10 Mr. Vijaya Kumar Kanichar Associate Professor BE, M.Tech.
11 Mrs. Indumukhi K Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech.
12 Ms. Rashmi K P Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech.
13 Mr. Jagadeesh M Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech.
14 Mr. Rama Murali Krishna P G Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech.
15 Mr. Pratheek H Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech.
16 Mr. Maruthi G.B Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech.
17 Mr. Lokesh P C Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech.
18 Mr. Sathyajith M Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech.
19 Mrs. Aruna P G Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech.
20 Mrs. Ashwini P Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech.
21 Mr. Adarsha D Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech.
22 Mrs. Thripti P Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech.

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