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Visionaries of our College
Dr. Kurunji Venkatramana Gowda
Founder President
Dr. K.V. Chidananda
M.B.B.S. (Mys.) M.S. (Madras),
F.I.C.S., F.A.I.S., F.R.S.H. (London)
Dr. Renuka Prasad K.V.
M.B.B.S., F.A.G.E
General Secretary
Guided by the basic philosophy " JNANAM SARVATHRA SADHANAM " and with an aim of building Sullia as a world class learning centre, Dr. KURUNJI VENKATRAMANA GOWDA Founder President, Academy of Liberal Education(R) Sullia has converted sullia a tiny village into a modern learning centre of the country.

Born as, one of the millions became one in millions. He is BHAGEERATHA who brought JNANA GANGA to this small town and made Sullia a VIDHYA KASHI.

The visionary builder of the intellectual park, DR. KURUNJI VENKATRAMANA GOWDA is very receptive. Keeping in pace with globalization he has committed to promote quality, competency, innovation and continuous improvements in learning. Thus, Visvesvaraya Technological University has recognized the college as a research centre in the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry and Management Science leading to the award of Ph.D Degree. His strong conviction is that the professionals would ethically drive enterprises globally. He makes strong appeal to the young intellectuals to strive hard to strengthen the knowledge based economy. The intellectual park is so amazing and has reached pinnacle. The Academy of Liberal Education (R) Sullia today is a conglomerate with more than fifty educational institutions. Once an offspring steps into the play home of this park, can come out graciously with Ph.D Degree. K.V.G Public School is an unique bridge to get into various professional courses.

Dr. KVG is a man of many dimensions. He is an educationist, a social reformer, a philosopher, a great preacher and an able administrator. Above all a great philanthropist. All these have made him a Living Legend.

He is the source of Inspiration to all of us. His ideals and way of working are to be imbibed in everybody's life. He has a dream of making our country modern and strong by spreading intellectual spirituality. We at KVG College of Engineering share his dream of making our BHARATH MAHAAN.
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