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Dr. Savitha C.K Dean (Research)   Prof. Venkatesh U C Research co-ordinator

The KVG College of Engineering incorporated a multidisciplinary approach to expand the boundaries of human knowledge through research. Research culture is adopted in the fields of science, technology, and management, which is actively executed by the faculties and students. The research is obviously evidenced in the form of publications and the fund received by funding agencies for innovative initiatives. The institution must have a solid research foundation in addition to effective teaching and learning approaches in order to reach the global norms. The institution was established the Research Cell in 2004 to promote, monitor and address the research activities at College.

The College has an active research division, headed by Dr. Savitha C.K, Dean -Research/ Professor of Computer Science & Engineering and Prof. Venkatesh U.C, Research Co-ordinator/ Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering.

The policies are framed and executed for research incentives and research promotions fall under the purview of the Dean-Research with the approval of the Research Advisory Board. The Research Advisory Board is constituted for the Academic year 2022-23 with following members:

1 Dr. Suresha V, Principal Principal Chair Person
2 Dr. Savitha C.K Professor, CS&E Department Dean- Research
3 Dr. Shivakumar H.R Special Officer, VTU Extension Centre, Mangaluru Advisor
4 Dr. Ujwal U J, Professor and Head, CS&E CEO/Professor & HOD, CS&E Department Advisor
5 Dr.Shreedhar K Vice Principal, HOD, Mathematics Advisor
6 Dr. Umashankar K.S Dean-Academic/Professor & HOD, Mechanical Department Advisor
7 Dr. Chandrashekhar A Professor & HOD, Civil Department Advisor
8 Dr. K .V. Gangadharan Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Co-ordinator-Centre for system design,NITK, Surathkal Advisor
9 Dr. Sanjeev Sangami Associate Professor & HOD, Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi Advisor
10 Dr.Harikrishna Rai Technical Product Manager GE Healthcare-Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Bengaluru, Karnataka Advisor
11 Dr. Kusumadhar S.P Professor & HOD, E&C Department Advisor
12 Dr. Surekha M Professor & HOD, Chemistry Advisor
13 Prof. Venkatesh U.C Associate Professor, CS&E Department Member
14 Dr. Savitha M Professor , E &C Department Member
15 Dr. Lekha B.M Professor ,Civil Department Member
16 Prof. Kiran B Asst.Professor, Mathematics Member
17 Prof. Immaculate Mary Assistant Professor, MBA Member
  • Every academic year, the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is constituted and committee details are displayed.
  • Research cell will call the meeting of RAC in the beginning of every academic year to prepare and approval of the plan of action regarding the Research activities.
  • The committee members required to attend meeting at least twice in each semester and additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.
  • Meeting details will be informed well in advance through E-mail or hard copy.
  • Minutes of Meeting with agenda and resolution will be circulated to RAC and displayed for research community of KVGCE.
  • Progress report is prepared for each academic year and reviewed by RAC for the further action.
  • Formation of policies for issues related to research that have an impact on the college's strategic goals.
  • Providing healthy atmosphere in the Institute to promote its research activities.
  • Monitoring of Research centres academic and administrative activities.
  • Approval of seed money to ignite the research activities in the research centres.
  • Motivating to submit research proposal for both major and minor Research Projects.
  • Encouraging the Researchers and faculties for the publication in high-quality research journals through incentives.
  • Evaluation of published papers in journal and research work.
  • Formation and Execution of sub-committees for effective implementation of research work.

The RAC has the following sub-committees:


The College has provided ambience for the research activities in terms of the laboratory facilities, incentives for publishing quality research papers etc. The faculty and scholars of the college are regularly presenting their research findings at reputable conferences and publishing in the renowned journals with good impact factor.

The Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and communication Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computers science & Engineering, MBA department, Department of Mathematics, Department of Chemistry have been recognized as research centres by the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi. Head of Departments nominated one faculty representative from each Department as research coordinators. The research details of various Departments are as follows.

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 2003-04 Dr. Umashankar K.S. Dr. Umashankar K.S. Y
CHEMISTRY 2004-05 Dr. Surekha.M Dr. Surekha.M Y
MBA 2007-08 Dr. Sunil Kumar M Prof. Immaculate Mary N
CSE 2013-14 Dr. Ujwal U.J. Dr.Savitha C.K Y
ECE 2013-14 Dr. Kusumadhara S. Dr. Savitha M. Y
CIVIL 2014-15 Dr. Chandrashekhar A Dr.Lekha B.M Y
MATHEMATICS 2014-15 Dr. Shreedhar K Prof. Kiran B. Y

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The RAC is required to evaluate the performance of Research centre in each academic year and assigning the task for the overall progress of the department.