KVG College of Engineering

Head of Department


M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D    

  • A student is successful if the knowledge imparted in the engineering education and the skills developed by him can be effectively utilized in his life after his education and is able to contribute to the society and the socio-economic development of the country.

         The mathematics department aims at imparting knowledge of different aspects of applied mathematics useful in engineering and technology for the students of all engineering disciplines. In -depth knowledge of mathematics is paramount importance in the learning of any branch of engineering. Any engineering problem can be understood through proper mathematical analysis. No student can expect to sail through any branch of engineering successfully without having basic knowledge of mathematics. Now a days graph theory, combinatory, operation research etc are used in various branches of engineering to tackle the physical problems. Deep knowledge of mathematics is necessary for future developments in science and technology.

"Making Engineering students to develop the mathematical thinking and applying it to solve complex engineering problems, designing mathematical modeling for systems involving global level technology."

To impart quality technical education to the students, to expose them to the recent developments, to motivate them towards success and prepare them to face the future challenges with confidence and courage. To encourage students to present Mathematical papers in Symposium and Conferences organized both inside the campus and outside.

DR.Shreedhar K

Professor and Head of the department

Prof. Kirana B

Assistant Professor

Prof. Prajna V T

Assistant Professor