KVG College of Engineering

Dr. Prajna M R


The overall aim of National Service Scheme as envisaged earlier, is to give an extension dimension to the higher education system and orient the student youth to community service while they are studying in educational institution. The educated youth who are expected to take the reins of administration in future are found to be unaware of the problems of the village/slum community and in certain cases are indifferent towards their needs and problems. Therefore, it is necessary to arouse the social conscience of the students, and to provide them an opportunity to work with the people in the villages and slums. It is felt that their interaction with the common villagers and slum dwellers will expose them to the realities of life and bring about a change in their social perception. Keeping this in mind, to inculcate social consciousness and create a positive civic sense among our students, K.V.G. College of Engineering has established an NSS, YRC & RRC Unit.

To build in youth a mind and spirit to save the society and work for upliftment of downtrodden.

Not me but you as a Motto. Community service through education Build character & leadership in students.

  • Provide a platform to understand the community in which they live.
  • Facilitate students to acquire leadership qualities
  • Develop a sense of social and civic responsibility.
  • To serve as forums for students to participate in the fight against HIV/AIDS. To promote voluntary blood donation among youth.
SL.NO Name Position Department Mobile No
1 Dr. Suresha V Chairman Principal 8310992434
2 Dr. Ujwal U J Adviser CEO, KVGCE, HOD,CS&E 9448414141
3 Dr. Prajna M.R. Program Officer CS & E 9916071025
4 Mr. Sathyajith M. Asst. Program .Officer. E & C 8762909060
5 Mr. Prashanth K. Member Mechanical 9972155027
6 Mrs. Rekha M.B. Member E & C 9591554001
7 Mr. Lakshminarayana N Member Civil 9591722301
8 Mr. Manohara A.N Member MBA 9743677348
9 Mr. Nagesh K. Member Administrative Officer 9742178252
10 Mrs. Savitha I K Member Office 6361889214
11 Mr. Devaraj K Member A/c. Suptd. 9449237696
11 Mr. Devaraj K Member A/c. Suptd. 9449237696
12 Mrs. Vasanthi P Member Office 9448768535
13 Mr. Kedar S.P Member Volunteer 7022437527
14 Ms. Rajani Member Volunteer 9591043418

Report on An awareness program on trauma

An awareness program on trauma was conducted on 26/08/2023 at KVGCE smart classroom at 10:00am. The aim was to educating participants about the various aspects of trauma, its effects, and coping mechanisms. The program was organized to create a better understanding of trauma and its psychological, emotional, and physical impact on individuals. The resource person Dr.Prasanna Kumar D,Prof& Head, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, KVG Dental College and Hospital, has given the awareness on the program. He shared trauma impacts and pathway to healing. He also said what are the immediate first aids every individual has to do if a person met with any accidents. The trauma awareness program successfully achieved its objectives by disseminating valuable information about trauma, its effects, and available support mechanisms. Participants left the program with a better understanding of trauma-related issues and the importance of mental health care.Dr.SureshaV , Principal addressed the students on trauma and its psychological, emotional, and physical impact on individuals.Dr.Prajna M R, PO NSS and Prof Sathyajith M, Asst PO NSS, Coordinated the program. More than 8 faculties and 42 students witness the event.


A program on SadhbhavanaDiwas is conducted on August 18th at 12:00pm in college auditorium. It is observed on August 20th in India to honour the ideals of Rajiv Gandhi, emphasizing communal harmony and national unity. The day encourages people to promote understanding and tolerance among diverse communities. It serves as a platform for pledging commitment to peace and integration. SadhbhavanaDiwas stands as a reminder of India's strength in its diversity. It reinforces the value of coexistence for the nation's progress.Overall, SadhbhavanaDiwas inspires citizens to work towards a harmonious and united future.Dr Suresha V, Principal addressed the students about the significance of the day and also youth engagement and community service to the country. And also said the occasion emphasizes the need to prevent conflicts based on religious or ethnic differences.Dr.Prajna M R addressed audience for oath taking ceremony. Prof Balapradeep K.N, Dr Savitha C.K, Prof Divya A K. Prof Kishor K K and more than 100 volunteers participated in the occassion.

Report on Anti Drug Awareness Program

A An Anti-drug awareness program was conducted in the College under ANTI DRUG CELL/ NSS /STUDENT WELFARE UNIT. Sri Ahok Pujari was invited as a chief guest for creating awareness on the ill-effects of drug and alcohol consumption, in a comprehensive manner. Sri.Ashok Pujari in his motivational speech informed that every day India sees 10 suicides related to drug abuse. He also added that a report by the central government demonstrated that the vast majority of youth are receiving drug and alcohol prevention messages from sources such as TV, radio, posters and pamphlets, Movie ads and campaigns as this. Furthermore, the report on its special analysis showed that those who have been exposed to such messages are significantly less likely to abuse drugs. The Government of India is taking every visible effort to prevent teen drug use via the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, especially for those making the difficult transition from schools to colleges via their National-level Anti-Drug Policies.


A program on “BLOOD DONATION CAMP” was organized by KVGCE YRC unit in K VG Dental College and hospital on 14th June 2023. The program was inaugurated by Dr. Renukaprasad K V, Managing trustee, KVG Charitable trust Sullia, VP Rajya Vokkaligara Sangha, Bengaluru, and all the dignitaries. Mr, Sudhakar Rai P B , Chairman, Indian Red cross unit Sullia was the chief guest and addressed the importance and benefits of blood donation. Himself he has donated blood more than 100 times. Dr. Moksha Nayak, Principal, KVGDc welcome the gathering. Dr. Ujwal U J. CEO, KVG Charitable Trust, sullia, said blood donation is one of the most important donation. Dr Suresha V, Principal, KVGCE conveyed thanks for all the dignitaries and gathering. Mr. Mustafa , Mr. Tippesh members of Red cross society were there in the occasion. Mr Jayaprakash K, Principal, KVGP, Mr Chidananda B, Principal, KVGITI , Hods and section heads, teaching and non teaching faculties were present. More than 300 volunteers are registered for blood donation. 205 units of bloods are donated by donors.


A program on “AWARENESS ON VOTING” was organized by KVGCE NSS unit in neighboring villages and Sullia town on 08/05/2023. More than 50 of our NSS volunteers took active participation in this event. Students were move across in and around Sullia and motivated the people for voting. They also spread the importance and benefits of voting. NSS program officer and department coordinators were coordinated the program.

REPORT OF “Ayushman Bharath-Arogya Karnataka-Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana”

A program on “Ayushman Bharath-Arogya Karnataka & Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana” was jointly organized by KVGCE NSS unit and Student Welfare unit in College auditorium on 17th February 2023 at 11:00am. Dr. Suresha V, Principal, KVGCE addressed the program. Mr. Murali, resource person from health department, has coordinated the event. He has addressed about the health benefits for APL and BPL card holders and also about the yashashwini card. The objective of the program is to extend 'Universal Health Coverage' and benefits of Pradhan mantri jan arogya yojana and Ayushman Bharatha arogya to all the residents in Karnataka State. Dr.Prajna M R, NSS PO ,Prof. Sathyajith K, Asst PO and Prof Lokesh P C, SWO officer had coordinated the event. More than 80 of our NSS Volunteers participated in the event.

REPORT OF “National Mental Health Programme”

A program on “National Mental Health Programme” was organized by KVGCE NSS unit in Civil Seminar Hall of KVGCE on 7th March 2023 at 11:00am. Dr. Suresha V, Principal, KVGCE addressed the program. Dr. Sudhakar K, Psychiatrist was the resource person from health department given the awareness on mental health for each individuals. He has addressed the students about the Good mental health is essential for overall well-being, and it can contribute to a student's ability to find success in the world. It can help students to develop and maintain strong relationships with others, as well as an overall sense of contentment. He also said mental health is more important than physical health. Mrs. Prameela, BHEO of Sullia Taluk has coordinated this event from health department. Dr.Prajna M R, NSS PO and Prof. Sathyajith K, Asst PO had coordinated the event. More than 80 of our NSS Volunteers participated in the event.

REPORT OF “Womens Day Programme”

Women’s Day” was celebrated and organized by KVGCE NSS unit and College Internal Complaint Committee (CICC) in College auditorium 8th March 2023 at 2:00pm. Mrs Rama Y K was the chief guest and addressed about the importance of education for women. Mrs Subbamma, Hostel staff, KVGCE and Dr. Moksha Nayak, Principal, KVGDC were felicitated by dignitaries on behalf of women’s day for their long service to the growth of institutions. Dr Moksha Nayak shared her views toward women empowerment and responsibility towards growth of society. Dr. Ujwal U J, CEO, KVGCE, Prof & Head KVGCE had shared his views towards self-reliance. Dr. Suresha V, Principal, KVGCE said the students about digital violence and motivated the students to uplift the society. Dr, Bhagya H K, Chirmen CICC and Dr. Prajna M R, NSS PO. Coordinated the event. All girl students were present in the occasions. Lots of fun games were conducted for students and staffs.