KVG College of Engineering

Photography Club is a platform to bring together the like minded people and share knowledge about the art and science of Photography. The club encourages students to study light and imparts tips on composition.

The club organizes activities that give a chance to learn photography, utilize their camera to the fullest and become sensitized to the world around.

  • Coverage of various events within the institute & participation in external competitions.
  • Create a repository of exclusive pictures shot by the members for Educational & Research purpose.
  • Arrange outdoor sessions so students can directly implement a few skills or tips given.
  • To provide a supportive environment for interested photography students to share their creativity, knowledge and passion for photography.
  • The club “focuses” on interaction between experts and students in addition to enhancing peer learning in photography and build an environment to capture memories forever.
  • To achieve high standards of excellence in generating and propagating knowledge in engineering
  • To provide an ecosystem for nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship among students
  • Provide meeting places for club activities and round table discussions.
  • Present topics for inspiration, education, motivation, and the artistry of photography.
  • Provide educational workshops.
  • Promote photographic competitions.
  • Promote the club and its members through the public display of photography.
  • Provide an outlet for the expression of creativity and the sharing of skills and experiences.
  • Provide photographic instruction and mentoring.
  • Strive to have fun with photography

The following are the committee members of KVGCE Photography Club for the academic year 2021-22.

Sl.No. Name Designation Position
1 Mr. Lokesh P C Asst. Prof., E&C President
2 Mr. Krishnaraj M V Asst. Prof., Civil Vice-President
3 Dr. Kusumadhara S Professor & HOD, E&C Advisor
4 Mr. Prashanth K. Asst. Prof., Mechanical Club Secretary
5 Mr. Theertharama K. Lab Instructor, CS&E Program Secretary
6 Mr. Bhanuprakash K Helper, E&C Member
7 Mr. Vinaya Kumar S Attender, CS&E Member
8 Mr. Sushmith B.R. Student - CV Member
9 Mr. Mohammad Farveez Student - EC Member