KVG College of Engineering



“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money” -    Sir M. Visvesvaraya

This motto is perhaps best reflected in what our Founder President Dr. Kurunji Venkatramana Gowda believes in. His core values such as • Hard work • Integrity • Sincerity • Value of time • Sacrifice has made this remote rural town of Sullia into an educational hub on the world map. KVG College of Engineering is one of the renowned technical institute imparting quality education to cater the needs of the industry and society. This institute achieved a distinct status and has grown continuously over the years. It has an excellent human resource with academic records. It also encourages the student community to be creative and innovative while learning the best aspects of technical education. The best way of professionalism and continuous learning is the dream of the college. The college is collaborating with external agencies and stakeholders to be the best partners while meeting the competitive fields of technology. It also has helped the student community to get better placement and entrepreneurial skills. KVG College of Engineering imbibes moral values and brings laurels to our visionary Founder President Dr. Kurunji Venkatramana Gowda a great philanthropist and educationist who is a source of inspiration for all of us.

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Governing Council Members

SL.NO Name Designation Profession
1 Dr. Renuka Prasad K.V, M.B.B.S. F.A.G.E. Chairman General Secretary, AOLE®, Sullia, D.K.
2 Dr. Jyothi R. Prasad M.B.B.S, M.D. Member Director, A.O.L.E.®, Sullia, D.K.
3 Dr. Abhijnya K.R M.B.B.S, M.D. Member Director, AOLE®, Sullia, D.K.
4 Mr. Mourya R Kurunji Member Executive Director, KVGDC&H, Sullia, D.K.
5 Dr. Ujwal U.J PGDBC, MCA, M.Tech.(NITK), Ph.D (CS&E) Member CEO, KVGCE, Sullia, D.K.
6 Dr. Jagannatha Reddy Member Former Registrar, VTU Belagavi, Prof. in Civil Department, BIT, Bengaluru.
7 Sri. Santhosh Jake Member President, Primary Agricultural Co-operative Society, Sampaje
8 Sri. Nithyananda Mundodi Member Ex. Managing Trustee, Shree Kukke Subrahmanya Temple
9 VTU Nominee Member Ex Officio
10 AICTE Nominee Member Ex Officio
11 Sri. Somashekhar Koingaje Member President, Primary Agricultural Co-operative Society, Sampaje
12 Dr. Shreedhar K. M.Sc., M.Phil, PGDIT, Ph.D Member Vice Principal, KVGCE, Sullia, D.K.
13 Sri Nagesh K Member A.O, KVGCE, Sullia, D.K.
14 Dr. Suresha V. B.E, M.Tech., Ph.D. Member Secretary Principal, KVGCE, Sullia, D.K.